Sep 14, 2019

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Too Soon Oktoberfest

Too Soon Oktoberfest

Every year I say that things are happening way too soon and this year is not any different…..or is it? Actually the reason I’m writing this article is to complain once again about Oktoberfest beers coming out way too early haha.

So I’ll start out by saying Märzen beers are named as such (a beer that is brewed in March and typically it’s left to sit and mature and grow up into a big boy beer to be released in early fall) or in Oktoberfest’s case, mid September. Most breweries bottle or can their Oktoberfest style beers in July and then let them sit for a month or so until the fall pumpkin spice hype begins.

This year has set a new world record! The first Oktoberfest beer I saw was in the final week of July! This was a month earlier than I have ever seen before. Of course keep in mind that Paulaner brews theirs year round but this wasnt it. Oh something I heard from a Paulaner sales guy is that they only brew the Märzen for the American market now…apparently.

And another fun fact, fest beer is the real Oktoberfest style beer in Munich, if they served 8% bombs in large steins to everyone there would be no second orders haha.

Ok so you must be asking who put out their beer so early? OK it was Leinenkugel’s, there I said it, jeez. But there were a couple others I saw that had ads in the Growler magazine stating they were to be released very soon too but I forgot who and cant find the issues right now (nice journalism right) , but on the shelf and for sale, it was Leinenkugel’s.

Surly actually sent me a couple samples (Thank you Surly!) in the first days of August but the sell sheet stated it would go on sale very soon after I received it, like a week and a half later.

Dont get me wrong, I love Oktoberfest season and the beers that go along with it, but when you have too much of a good thing so soon before it even happens you wont have any left when the actual celebrations come around. This goes for Halloween and Christmas too, everyone wants to jump the gun of fun stuff and wear it out before the actual fun thing happens, maybe life is really boring and we need to hype stuff up to make it through the time between events.

Ok I’m done lecturing now, I’m gonna go have an Oktoberfest beer ……..a week before the event even starts haha. Oh one last thing Oktoberfest is actually in September and goes into the first week of actual October….stop asking why, it’s just the way it is.

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