Dec 16, 2019

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The Happy Gnome to Close

The Happy Gnome to Close

News broke today that the longtime Selby Avenue beer bar, The Happy Gnome, will not be renewing their lease and will in fact close on December 22nd.

What could be classified as the first craft beer bar in St Paul, The Happy Gnome opened its doors in 2006 and quickly became a hot spot for beer geeks all around the Twin Cities. Living on Grand Avenue for years, I would frequent The Happy Gnome, Costellos, Fern’s and The Muddy Pig often. When I think back to those days it was almost like living in “How I met Your Mother” or something haha.

I actually attended a New Years Eve party there in 2006 and had my first taste of Surly Furious. My friends said you have to try Furious and I said what the hell is Furious, so I tried it and I’ll admit it was way too hoppy for me back then….haha. Of course you cant just go from drinking pilsners your entire life to a big IPA without a warm up session of other beers to get you there.

The building itself is great. It was originally an 1800’s Firehouse and you can still see signs of it’s past. I’m sure the building wont be going anywhere but the Gnome itself will be leaving. I haven’t heard of the reason for the close or what the owners plan to do in the future but I will say it was a fun place to go to and Ill have nothing but fond memories of place.

RIP Happy Gnome.

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