Sep 20, 2019

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The Days Are Getting Darker-Ness

The Days Are Getting Darker-Ness

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to a private media event where I could go and try some new beer before everyone else. You might be saying don’t you get to try stuff normally and I’ll response by saying yes and no. This event was at the actual brewery of the event holder and other people who have journalistic excellence were also in attendance. You might also be saying why were you invited then…..HIYOOO

Ok the brewery was Surly and the beer was 2019 Darkness and it’s variants. I’m sure you already knew this from my instagram posts yesterday, so should we just get into it?

2019 Darkness –

This beer has been a classic since it’s first version in 2007. It has spawned legions of beer geeks from near and far, it makes people camp out on a city street in early fall, it’s Darkness!

This years has some nice smooth classiness going for it – molasses and raisin are the prominent flavors that jump right out at you, I would even add some cherry along with that too. It’s not as hoppy as you would think, especially for a Russian Imperial Stout but then again, me personally, I always get a more booziness from Imperials than hoppiness. This one will please everyone and continue to be a hit.

Double Stuffed –

Here we have a classic in the making. Right off the bat you get some vanilla and booze. As you let it sit in your mouth, the sweetness starts and then becomes a flavor of coffee cream, think Bailey’s but with more a rum base. The mouthfeel on this bad boy is fluffy…..yes I said it….FLUFFY haha. On a side note this was only barrel aged for 3 months so that shows you how the rum comes through on this one.

Molé –

This one is sure to please for the “winter warmer” fans. Everything I got from this one was Cayenne pepper, Chocolate, Cinnamon and some pleasing Earth Tones. What are earth tones? You know when you were a kid and someone came up from behind you, jumped on your back  and smashed your face into the dirt? Well it’s not like that haha. This is a pleasing well balanced earthy flow of flavor. What does that mean? I’m saying I drank the whole glass and didn’t even realize I drank the whole thing.

Old Fashioned –

Wait, what do you mean old fashioned didn’t you start out talking about the classic Darkness? I did but this old fashioned is something like a mixed drink…stout…beer…cocktail…huh? SRSLY. The first thing I tasted and smelled with this one was orange in your face…kinda like that asshole neighbor kid when you were younger haha. But really, it jumped and me and I wasn’t expecting it. Soon the flavor phases into a raisin-esque style and then guess what you start tasting some sprite mixed in with brandy…really. I guess if I were to label one the most unique this would be it.

Ok so the question you might be asking..or maybe not, is which one did I like the best? I will go ahead and say everyone of these are great and we should just be happy to be having fun…Zing. I hate really picking one to be better than the others because they were all pretty good, really. I did slam the Molé and I did like the spriteness of the Old Fashioned and I did like the vanilla and fluffiness of the double stuffed and of course you cant go wrong with the classic version of Darkness…… but I’ll go ahead and vote the classic version of Darkness …as my…. favorite.

The reason is, it’s easy to drink and you don’t need to over think the other ingredients, not that it’s a bad thing but as I said I hate picking one over the others because they truly all have a very well balance to them. Maybe I’m going to change my mind, looks like I’ll have to try these all over again haha.

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