Oct 21, 2012

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Surly You Cant Be Serious!

Surly You Cant Be Serious!

I am serious,and don’t call me Shirley. The long awaited Surly tour has finally happened. I don’t know why I waited so long,well maybe it was because they throw out the tour invites at the oddest time of the day when I’m at work and I don’t have access to a computer all day.

Luckily since writing this blog I have developed a little pull in this town and I was invited by Brian from the Minnesota Beer Activists haha. Actually he had extra tickets and I was whining that I’ve never been on the tour so it was perfect timing for me.

The tour started at 6pm friday night which is a good time to show up and hang out. I was one of the first people in the parking lot and then more starting showing up to reveal a big long line. The tour was a free to walk around style tour,you show up they give you 5 drink tokens and you can hang out and walk around for a bit before the actual informational part begins.

Im sorry I forgot the name of the tour guy,he did look like norm from Cheers’ negative world self in the episode where John Hill Buys Melville’s and a bunch of upper class people take over Cheers…but whatever he was cool and funny and made the tour go by..or maybe it was the drinking that made it go by. He did make a joke about Summit being polite though,maybe he meant they need more metal rocking out in the brew house or something.

Omar’s dad showed up also to tell the story of when he wanted to retire and have Omar take over the grinder manufacturing but instead beer ended up taking over the entire building. And speaking of the building itself,it is relatively small for the amount of beer the put out. I now understand why they want to expand. I’m not too sure on the original sketches if its going to be that huge or not but I would almost say don’t get too crazy and go too big maybe,make a sizable new location and go from there but then again Im not a futures planner guy or whatever so yeah.

I was glad they had the Bandwagon on tap that night because I’ve only been to two Twins games and never had a chance to try it due to the long lines. I was kinda bummed they did not have Surlyfest on tap because it’s a once a year deal. I suppose I could buy it at the store while its still around but I myself believe it or not don’t buy Surly too often mainly because of the price and amount you get. I’m ok with tall boys but just getting four cans for ten plus dollars kinda makes me turned off a bit. I’m a bargain hunter and which is why I should get my cheapest beer quest going again speaking of which.

I know,I know I’ve heard it before you have to pay for quality,yes but there has to be a happy medium between being ripped off and buying something that is quality and not available everywhere. Surly beer is great but Im not spending ten dollars on four things….that’s just me. Don’t send hate mail…or do if you want.

So overall I give the tour a 9 out of 10 stars just because I was hoping for Surlyfest which by the way won top honors last year in my Battle of the Oktoberfest beers…which Surly claims theirs is not a Traditional Oktoberfest beer,which it isn’t,but its still has the essence of being one.

Oh I also want to say that the beer knit hat is back! I have an old one I got at a estate sale over a year ago because it reminded me of the 70’s and Surly is currently selling them in their store. Also one hell of a deal are the $3 pint glasses which have print on both sides! They are super cool and I would advise picking one up for that wild rager at your or someone else’s house.



























  1. It was a good time! They had Furious, Bender, Cynic, Coffee Bender, Bandwagon and Hell on tap and I sampled about four of these. The volunteers pouring were all so friendly too!

    The dude running the tour is “Surly Boy Wonder”

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