Apr 20, 2017

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Surly & Minnesota United FC …Unite!

Surly & Minnesota United FC …Unite!

You might be saying wait I thought there already was a Surly Soccer…er football beer. Well there was and it was called United Crushers. Many moons ago some taggers…er writers…er artists bombed the former ADM grain silo in Prospect Park off University Avenue with the phrase United Crushers and since then many people have referred to it in quotes, song titles and even album names.

Most have wondered just what the hell United Crushers was, possibly a company that used the silo for something or rather? Well they are an artist collective that have adorned the Twin Cities with various forms of graffiti and art and etc for the past many years.

To make a long story short, United Crushers said to Surly that they were flattered but it’s their art and logo and if you want to use it we need to be involved or you need to pay us, I’m ASSuming this is how it went, cuz that’s how it normally goes. So Surly decided to not do that and just changed the name instead to Rising North Pale Ale.

The good thing is the beer has not been changed and is now on available on draft and will be released in four-packs of 16-ounce cans in June. I had it at the MN United FC home opener at the brewery and it is a nice easy drinking beer, not overly hopped and will please the crowds. For specs it’s 5.4% ABV and is dry hopped with Chinook, Eureka, and Mandarina Bavaria hops.





















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