Dec 31, 2016

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Summit V Surly-The Final Battle

Summit V Surly-The Final Battle

With so much drama in M-S-P it’s kinda hard bein Land- O-S-B double-U  ….haha.

Well the news finally broke this week on events that happened earlier this year that Summit Brewing Company’s Jeffrey Spaeth, former head of sales and marketing left the company abruptly and went to the direct competitor and aka the evil empire known as the Surly Brewing Company.

And on top of that bombshell it is reported that Tim Daly, who was also still an employee at Summit in the marketing department was apparently feeding Spaeth insider info on “sales and marketing plans, tools, strategies and programs; including pricing and distribution plans, production goals; growth strategies; distributor relationship information and management systems and techniques.”…wow that was a mouthful.

Details of Spaeth’s departure are not known but maybe there was a shake up in upper management because Summit was possibly losing market share due to all the new breweries opening up shop in the metro area and Minnesota in general.

I was working at Summit for three years up until this October when I decided to move on to other things, mainly because I wanted my weekends back and it was like pulling teeth trying to go full time there for some reason. We all got a email explaining what happened and it was all a shock to us. So right then we knew shit was gonna hit the fan and the quiet rivalry was about to heat up to a publicly known status. Of course the other side of the coin is without drama too when Surly fired Linda Haug last year for no reason and then months later her husband Todd left the brewery to go to 3 floyds brewery.

Rumor has it Spaeth has been since fired from Surly because of all of this and no word on what Daly is doing now days, maybe shinning shoes at the airport, who knows. The lawsuit has made both breweries tight lipped on what is happening in terms of current proceedings but Summit wants 50k from each former employee that was involved. Stay tuned for further details.



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