May 29, 2015

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Summit Unchanied #19 Make It So

Summit Unchanied #19 Make It So

Ok Star Trek Geeks this is it, the Ultimate moment for all in the universe to get sucked into a worm hole and arrive at Farpoint Station. It’s a beer named after a quote from the most famous bald starship captain ever, MAKE IT SO !

Most everyone is familiar with Summit Brewing Company’s Unchained series but if you are not, Mark “Father Beer” Stutrud, gives each of his brewers a chance to come up with a beer that includes any ingredients and …make it.. so…get it? But really if the beer is good, great! If it sucks then hey he didn’t know anything about it har har.

This time Nick Hempfer is taking the held for his first unchained effort and the galaxy is the limit. The hops that will be  included in this beer are Fuggle, Target, Aurora, Challenger and Admiral. IBU is 40 and ABV is 5.3%. And yes Earl Grey Tea is added to this beer! Whether you are sitting in your ready room reading a book or in the garage this beer will be nothing that has been brewed…BEFORE !!!

This is not a Holodeck/ Replicator Synthehol creation, it’s really happening!

The beer will be in 12oz cans and on draught and the beer will be released in early August of this year.

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