Feb 11, 2018

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Station 10 Firehouse to Become Neighborhood Brewery

Station 10 Firehouse to Become Neighborhood Brewery

It’s been closed since 2010 but Station 10 Firehouse located at 754 Randolph Avenue may have a new lease on life. The fire station was originally built in 1885 and was the oldest working station in the city of St Paul up until its closing. Throughout it’s history, it has been used for many purposes relating to firefighting, even serving as a horse hospital for the city’s horses which pulled the fire equipment during calls.

From the outside of the building it looks very different from it’s humble beginnings. Over the past 125 years, the firehouse has had a few additions and makeovers but there are still traces of it’s age inside and out.  A fun fact is that the Station’s architect was Edward Payson Bassford, who might sound familiar because he designed the second Minnesota State Capitol.

Fast forward to today and Travis Temke and his wife Justine, the owners of the “former”? F-Town brewery in Fairbault have decided to relocate and open a new venture in the St Paul Firehouse. They received approval to develop St. Paul’s historic Fire House No. 10 into a microbrewery, restaurant and even a coffee shop. Have a beer at night and come back the next day for your morning coffee.

The plans are to add a 1,500-square-foot addition on the backside of the building for the brewhouse and the restaurant’s kitchen. The second level would be converted into an event space for up to 200 people and they even have plans for a rooftop patio!

This project will need to obtain the new “historic use variance”  which basically means a historically designated building in any zoning district in St Paul will have to preserve it’s character while still being operated as a business. The same procedure was used on the Waldmann house project to turn it into what it is today.

I for one am excited to see what comes of this project because one; I am a fan of old buildings and two I also like the idea of old buildings being reused as things such as oh say a beer brewery. I will update the development of this project on the facebook page as they happen.

Photos – MNHS, Star Tribune

  1. Roberta Redding says:

    My hood as a neighborhood child growing riding my trike around Randolph and west 7th street. Excited to see this brewery come into play… because I do care here’s my 2 cents… Maybe a great name would be The Hook And Ladder. ☕️

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