Jul 30, 2015

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Schmidt Brewery’s Keg House To Become Farmer’s Market?

Schmidt Brewery’s Keg House To Become Farmer’s Market?

There has been many discussions of what to do with the remaining buildings on the former Schmidt Brewery campus everything from a mini golf course to a possible new restaurant to even a launch pad for Space X…just kidding. The one idea that keeps coming back to the drawing board is the restaurant idea and that is the best option if you ask yours truly. But if Craig Cohen has anything to say about it there will not be  just one, but two restaurants in the works! Also in those plans will even be a farmer’s market to boot.

Craig is not only a local investor but also a local resident. That alone is a good sign that things will turn out right. His plan includes about 30,000 square feet of retail space, which will include the two restaurant idea, also the design calls for permanent stalls to line the interior as well as a mezzanine above the main floor. adding to the feel of the space,  there will be smaller farmers market kiosks in the center court  just beneath skylights.


IMG_5911I personally hope if anything does happen to the old rathskeller building next door, that they do NOT destroy the architecture that is on the building or in the actual room itself. Hopefully someone will open up a German style something down there but that may take away business from the Glockenspiel if something  similar opens that close but only time will tell. But all in all when something does come to the old keg house it will add to the already redeveloping neighborhood.

Some people may say it’s a good thing some may say it’s gentrification. But I wouldn’t think whatever happens here would drive anyone out in fact I think it would invite people in. An added farmers market would be a good thing for the west 7th area. Of course the main farmers market is in downtown which isn’t that far away from the brewery location but its a great historic building with many possibilities to be had. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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  1. Gloria Tava says:

    Putting the farmers market in this location will only increase business for fresh products for the local producers. If anything, there are many more people who will support the market. Simply, the parking will be so readily available and great access to the market. Maybe the owner of the Glockenspiel would reconsider moving a couple of blocks down, and enjoy the same amenities as the “farmers market” .. Keep on with your great planning, I am so excited and look forward in supporting the local people.

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