Apr 27, 2019

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Schell’s is releasing an IPA !

Schell’s is releasing an IPA !

Say what?

It’s true, August Schell Brewery in New Ulm Minnesota the oldest, most Germanesque brewery in the state is releasing a trendy beer. You may be saying wait an IPA is a trendy beer? Well technically for Schell’s it is and it’s not just me saying it, they are even using it in the tagline announcement.

So I technically dont have too much info on it as of yet, besides that it will be using Calypso, Citra, Huell Melon and Bravo hops. The ABV will be around 5% but no word on IBU’s.

Also it will be hitting store shelves around June.

OK so I guess I do have more information than I thought haha.


  1. Josh Gangestad says:

    Little late to the game, but good on ya!

  2. Josh Gangestad says:

    Have you ever checked out Take 16 brewery??

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