Jun 12, 2014

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Return Of The Schmidt Sign?

Return Of The Schmidt Sign?

Ever since the announcement of the revitalization of the old Schmidt brewery I’ve heard rumors of the eventual return of the Schmidt letters that once hung across the grain belt/catwalk of the old brewery. If you did not know the originals were taken down and actually stored in an outdoor area and then one day were “accidentally” and tragically destroyed.

I never knew if someone would take on the task of rebuilding them, but then I heard someone say that someone else said someone was actually building them. Well now I guess they are finished and ready to be installed and relit in glorious LED splendor NEXT WEEK!? The main reason I’m using question marks all over the place is because I drove by today and didn’t see any sign of the sign being installed.














I don’t know much about lighted sign installation but maybe they can do it in less than 7 days. It’s kinda high up and stuff ya know haha. I wouldn’t doubt the ability of the construction company working on the project (Dominium,Weis,BKV) because they have done an awesome job on the place and I’ll be checking the other buildings out on Sunday during the fest. So next Saturday June 21st the Schmidt sign will be relit during the GermanFest celebration at the artist lofts at 8:30pm. So be there!! I will be working a couple blocks away and wont be able to see it happen so maybe you guys can take a video or picture and post it on the blog’s facebook page? Thanks in advance.

  1. The best thing about the sign was the pulse of it…
    S.. C.. H.. M.. I.. D.. T.. Schmidt… Schmidt… S… C…
    Hope they’re bringing that back.

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