Jan 1, 2015

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Retro Beer Apparel is Back?

Retro Beer Apparel is Back?

With the recent influx of ugly Christmas sweaters popularity, you would think the next best thing is right around the corner right?  I guess I can say retro winter hats are that right now but I’m still confused if they are historically accurate or not. Back in the 80’s when I was growing up in the city of South St Paul (Reprezent)! the winter hats took on different genders. The girls always wore the rounder hats with the pompom on the top, while the guys wore the triangular shaped hat with no pompom on it. Below is a shocking revelation that there were actually triangular hats with a pompom added to it…crazy!

New style version hats













Old Style version….literally










SSP Version without pompom













I have been seeing everyone wearing the same style hat lately with no differences to signify gender, even the NFL seems to promote the round style with a pompom as I saw both Green Bay and Detroit tough guys sporting the pompom. So this might be a losing battle because I guess I cant fight the entire country and convince them they are doing it wrong…or can I? haha.

At least one thing seems to be making a comeback in the semi correct shape or form and that is beer sweaters!  If you are a fan of my facebook page for this blog you would’ve seen a post I made a week or so ago showcasing Miller Lite’s new retro sweater. Along with that I also posted a picture of a vintage Hamm’s sweater next to it and I still cant find the Miller sweater on their website or store which is odd. I have seen some breweries, including my own, taking the easy way out and do a screen print version, which is cool, but I think most things now days from cars to clothes, you name it, do not really go the extra mile or spend the bucks to make it 100% authentic because production cost is way higher than what it used to be.

Well I’m here to tell you that I predict 2015 to be the year of the retro beer sweater! I have actually stumbled across a website of someone from Minnesota who finds and sells vintage sweatshirts, hats and pants and anything related to old school beer apparel, the website is called Bar Closet and if you check it out, you will be amazed at what is there. I’m even temped by a couple hats and sweatshirts but I’m sure I’ll get in trouble with the wife if I spend $225 bux on sweater..well sometimes you have to take a risk in life haha.

Here’s a couple classic sweatshirts that will make you drool….












































Check out my facebook page for the full vintage clothing album and Bar Closet for a flashback to when great fashion was very flashy!

  1. This guy actually has a brick n’ mortar retail space down in the lovely, party town of La Crosse, Wisconsin. I met him at a beer can show down there (was it 2010, already?) and he was really trying to hustle his stuff to a bunch of us older collectors.

    It was pretty cute, in fact, because his prices were sky-high then, too! Especially considering the fact that the prices at this show were really, really good on exactly the sort of dry goods and wearables (nowadays we call it “swag”) that he has.

    Oh well, just thought that I’d share the link!


  2. Well I will say in order to keep a brick and mortar place open prices may have to be a little higher than normal. But if you can sell something at a higher price to people who will pay it hats off to you. It seems to be popular in the Craft beer world now days especially to a place that is in the metro..not gonna name any names..cough cough.

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