Jan 16, 2020

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Prohibition 100 Years Later

Prohibition 100 Years Later

This week is the anniversary of “The Great Experiment” otherwise known as Prohibition. We all know now that the experiment failed and was something that changed the country forever.

Some people may even blame Minnesota for the bill to have even passed in the first place thanks to our own Andrew Volstead. Ironically 100 years later, Minnesota is still feeling the effects of Prohibition as our state is the last in the union to still sell 3.2% beer. In all reality though, Volstead did not even write the bill, he was merely the person who sponsored the bill and promoted its passage. He was then “honored” with the bill being named after him, which didn’t do him any favors in the future.

What Prohibition can be blamed for is, new found crime as in the rise of the mafia which in turn would produce rivalries between gangs with the subsequent killings that would also take place. Many breweries and associated industries closed up shop with people losing their jobs and livelihood which then started a trickle effect into the Great Depression. The economy took a big hit by losing out on all the tax revenue from alcohol production which was a very large amount of income for the government at the time. Looks like those temperance ladies didn’t think of that one did they?

The funny thing about Prohibition was that it only banned the manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating liquors, it wasn’t illegal to drink alcohol in the 1920s. Liquor stores were holding super colossal blowout sales and people were stocking up like crazy because they believed it was the last time they would ever be able to buy alcohol in a store ever again.
Even President Woodrow Wilson moved his own supply of alcohol to his residence in Washington after his term in office ended. His successor, Warren G. Harding, relocated his own secret stash into the White House itself after his own inauguration.

Luckily Prohibition only lasted for 13 years…only haha. I guess for people back then, one day without beer would’ve seemed like an eternity. The good thing is, it’s almost safe to say we will never see the great failure..er I mean experiment happen here again. But as they say, never say never…..Just kidding……drink up! Cheers!

A man kneeling on the pavement, next to a sign showing the way to a speakeasy, during the Prohibition in America. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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