Nov 30, 2018

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Pabst Will Live On ….

Pabst Will Live On ….

After months of speculation of whether Pabst will live or die by the hands of it’s one and only contract brewer Miller Brewing Company, news broke on Wednesday that an agreement has been reached to allow for the brewing to continue.

The following statement was released “The parties have amicably resolved all outstanding issues in the case,” Pabst said in a statement, noting that it will “continue to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon and the rest of our authentic, great tasting and affordable brews to all Americans for many, many years to come.”

Many have asked why Pabst sold all their breweries to begin with and also why they relied soley on Miller to pick up all the slack to become a “Vrtual Brewery”. To this day I will say that it was not the idea ever. Pabst owned multiple breweries across the country with the capability to brew the 4.5 million bbls it needs to keep up with demand of their products, but instead they (Eugene Kashper and TSG Consumer Partners, a San Francisco private equity firm) decided they didn’t want to deal with any actual brewery building and let someone else deal with it.

They have of course opened up the Pabst Church in Milwaukee as a small capacity brewery and taproom but that is in no way enough to handle the demand for distribution across the country. I was there last summer and its a pretty cool setup. Ironically right next door is Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery where they serve Pabst beers including the amazingly awesome Andeker, but they are actually NOT owned by Pabst.

The whole thing is just really confusing, well kinda but lets say its more complicated than it needs to be. So Miller is still under contract to continue to brew Pabst and all of its sub brands like Old Style, Schlitz and Natty Boh until 2020. Wait that’s like only two years away right? Yep If Pabst doesn’t find a new home or actually build a brewery by then, are we going to go through all this again?

So in closing, I will say I am glad they worked it out because I do like my old school beers….shocking right. But if Pabst was to go out of business I’m sure their brands would be sold off and they would continue to live on in some point or another. I will also add that the Pabst company does own a total of 77 brands so maybe some of those would’ve been lost to history or they could possibly soon come to life, we shall see.

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