Mar 3, 2018

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O’Gara’s to Tear Down O’Gara’s ?

O’Gara’s to Tear Down O’Gara’s ?

Yes you read that correct and no this is not the episode of Cheers when Gary of Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern was tricked into tearing down his own bar to build a shopping mall in it’s place.

The good news is that after the demolition of the building, what once sat in the place of where O’Gara’s was will be…a brand new O’Gara’s! Sadly though the 110 year old building which could be deemed as a historic place, will be lost in the process. Many know that the building O’Gara’s currently occupies is one of the childhood homes of none other than our hometown boy Charles M. Schulz, creator of the peanuts comic strip that everyone has grown to love.

Carl Schulz ran the 35 cents a cut, three-chair Family barbershop on the street level and it is said that Charles developed the concept for the Peanuts characters while living in the upstairs apartment.











Charles Schulz, who died in 2000, made one last trip to Minnesota in 1994 and stopped in at O’Gara’s and wrote “In memory of the old days,” on a sketch of Snoopy sitting in a barber’s chair which now hangs on the wall along with other history pieces including a barber’s pole.

Third generation owner Dan O’Gara said they plan to keep all the artifacts from the interior of the bar that make O’Gara’s what it is, in hopes to preserve that original feeling. After construction of the new co-living and business building is complete, the bar will reopen as a smaller version of what it was before going from a 900 capacity down to 300. O’Garas bar was originally opened in 1941 and will actually celebrate it’s 77 year anniversary starting on March 13th through St Patrick’s day March 17th.




  1. I was born in 1942. My first barber was Charles. My parents and our family were regulars from day 1. We would enter from the back door and to the kitchen. The best of all fillets and hash browns. Great memories. By the way my dad and family owned the buildings at Snelling and Selby

  2. Tom Cullen says:


    I delivered Tim and Anna’s news paper on Selby Ave at their house. My late father had many a Manhattan during his life at O”Gara’s.
    I Had my share of beers going through St Thomas College and I came back numerous times over my 27 years in the Air Force…was always met with a friendly smile and a Guinness. God Bless and Good Luck on the new endeavor…but when I close my eyes and think of O’Gara’s I will always remember the original bar.

  3. Jeffery Thole says:

    Is that photo the actual barber shop that belonged to the father of Charles Shultz? Is Carl or Charles Schultz in that photo?

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