Mar 21, 2017

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Minnesota Sunday Liquor Sales is Alive !!!

Minnesota Sunday Liquor Sales is Alive !!!

This is a little late by my part but I did post about it already on the facebook page so now at this point its just for reference haha.

Well, it’s finally happened, you will be able to go to a liquor store on a Sunday in Minnesota and buy beer, crazy huh? There was the typical doom and gloom theories by some senate members on what would happen if we opened stores on a Sundays, but of course they failed to mention bars and sporting events were already serving drinks on Sundays (which really is the cause of most drunken driving on Sundays, but why point out the truth), well this is politics after all, but wise minds prevailed and it is now law!…well not until July 2nd anyways.

Oh and of course someone thought they were gonna be a smart guy .. cough  Jim Surdyk cough… and open before the legal date and he did open his store  last week causing a big stir in the media and along with that he got a big fine, yep go figure. Actually the funny part of that is he wont be able to open his store on the legal date and has to wait 30 days, he totally got served by the state on that haha.

So anywayts it’s finally a reality, Sunday July 2nd 2017 we will be able to buy beer in a store, on a Sunday !!! OMG, Wowzers and YES!!!


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