Feb 26, 2017

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Minneapolis 3.2 Bars – 1 = 1

Minneapolis 3.2 Bars – 1 = 1

Word came last week that the Sunrise Inn, that stood on the corner of 46th St. and 34th Av. S in South Minneapolis for the past 70 years will soon close. But fear not, it will be reopened with another bar that serves something a little more potent and this time with a restaurant.

The new owners are Doug Flicker and Amy Greeley, you may know them from such places as Piccolo and Sandcastle at Lake Nokomis. They have decided to buy the entire building and do a little rearranging and when the dust settles, Bull’s Horn Food and Drink will stand in it’s place.

The era of bars that serve light beer aka 3.2% alcohol seem to be nearing an end of it’s run or at least they see the writing on the wall. Twenty years ago, the city’s 3.2 bars were at 56, by 2007, the figure had dwindled to 15. And today only two remain but that will also change to just one. If you are wondering about the other location it is the T – Shoppe Bar located at 4154 Fremont Ave N.

The new craft beer takeover seems to becoming the new normal now. People want bigger beers with more hops and along with that usually comes more ABV….unless it’s a session IPA but yeah. It’s like when Darth Vader said to Obi Wan that when he left him he was the student but now he is the master…or something like that.

The good thing is that a lot of the old will stay “It’s going to remain in the spirit of the classic, old-time dive bar,” said Greeley. “We want it to be a neighborhood place, and family-friendly.”

Construction will commence in mid-April, with the hope of opening by July. If this news makes you sad, don’t worry because St Paul still has a few choice dives left.


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