Nov 27, 2016

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Leine’s OG vs Schell’s Deer Brand

Leine’s OG vs Schell’s Deer Brand

One thing I don’t do too often here is beer comparisons. A couple reasons for that is one, I used to work at a brewery for a few years and they didn’t want me doing reviews of other brands because it might look like I was being biased if I bashed someones stuff then all hell would break loose in the inner beer world and also I don’t like describing things using big fancy technical terms, I like to describe things in layman’s terms so the average person will understand and avoid sounding like a big know it all…when I don’t really know it all haha.

I’m not one to buy complete six packs or twelve packs for that matter so I always find myself building my own six pack of various beers. I decided to grab some stuff I haven’t had in years and the last time I had them I was a beer rookie. So this round is two “local” Minnesota/ Wisconsin classics Leinenkugel’s Original vs Schell’s Deer Brand beer.

Most people think these beers may be bland or run of the mill but in reality they are very interesting and actually different from each other yet similar. I tried the Deer first and it has a nice even flow nothing over powering but still stronger than a typical mainstream beer. The flavor was familiar but not bad familiar actually an inviting friendliness..kind of like the friendly beer haha. But really it wasn’t something that made you run for an IPA to rinse your pallet.

The Deer Brand has an ABV of 4.8 so it’s below the 5 mark which normally starts making the beer a little more crafty. The IBU’s also help out this beer weighing in at 17. Easily a a beer you can buy a 6 pack of and drink on a hot summer day but actually good in the winter inside a warm living room or cabin, wherever yo may be.

Schell’s got alot of shit a couple years back by the mainstream claiming they were an adjunct brewery but in reality when you are in the southern half of Minnesota in 1860 you use what you have available, there was no 24 hour Amazon orders to be made.

Next up was Leinekugel’s Original Lager and this actually had a less ABV than the Deer Brand. The IBU’s were the same at 17 but this beer had more of a traditional German bitter end finish. I’ve had my fair share of German Pilsners earlier this year in Germany and most American style lagers dont really match that taste of the bitterness at the end. I mainly think the reason for that is because Americans like smooth easy drinkin beer with no fuss or hassle they want it cold and they want to chug it. This of course is the older beer drinking crowd that hasnt turned to the dark side of craft beers yet haha.

But if you want a comparison of the Leine’s Original I would say grab a Warstiener and you will know what I’m talking about. I actually look for this bitterness in pilsners now mainly because I guess I can consider myself a craft beer person but I appreciate the regular stuff too, not too regular if you catch my drift.

Speaking of which Leine’s Original did have a slight familiarity to it too but this one was not a great one. For a second I did taste some type of corn-ish grain that is used in most Miller beers, including Hamm’s. This wasn’t a terrible thing but I was sort of surprised but not at all at the same time if that makes sense.

Overall I would buy both of these beers again for something to drink other than a double barrel aged triple IPA mega OMG beer. Most people that are into craft beer seem to give great beers like this a cold shoulder because they are not super hoppy or 10% ABV. I used to be a snob too but I came full circle and realized I’m not God’s gift to beer. Just don’t be drinking Coors light over Banquet or I’ll give you shit about that haha.


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