Apr 6, 2019

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Jesse Ventura – Chicago Lake Liquor Ad 1984

Jesse Ventura – Chicago Lake Liquor Ad 1984

You might have seen this all time classic commercial on the facebook page and instagram account a couple times before but I just realized that I have never actually posted here…on the website….sometimes I’m a little slow at things.

So what more can really be said about this besides it’s amazing! This was originally aired in 1984 and shortly after…(or maybe before even?) Chicago Lake Liquor also produced a Mad Dog Vachon commercial too which is pretty hard to understand just what the hell he’s talking about besides they have a lot of imported beers haha. But of course in retrospect that was his character after all.

If we are going to dissect this thing, I’ll say he was a little rough around the edges reading the board, but overall it came across pretty well. I’m not even sure if this was his first commercial or what. Could this commercial have maybe sparked Jesse’s acting career? I guess we will never know.

Anyways, enjoy.
























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