Apr 21, 2018

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Inside of the Grain Belt Office Building

Inside of the Grain Belt Office Building

If you havent heard the property at the old Grain Belt beer brewery has undergone some dramatic changes in the last couple years. As you know the property is being used by multiple purposes as in the Bottineau Library, RSP Architects, Artists studios, Bunny’s Restuarant, Craft beer events and most recently apartments have been constructed from the ground up.

The last building on the property from the original brewing days which has not seen any improvements and luckily was saved form demolition in 1977, is the main office building that was constructed in 1893. It has now recently been restored to and also updated to it’s original glory. For years I always wanted to see what was inside and last week I finally had my chance.

Jeff Lonto, knower of all things Grain Belt, did a presentation on the history of the brewery and also recited pages from his book, Legend of the Brewery: A Brief History of the Minneapolis Brewing Heritage, last week and I jumped at the chance to hear some history and see the building finally.

The day turned out to be one of the biggest spring blizzards in Minnesota history but not even that would stop me haha. A decent crowd also showed up considering the weather but I have heard rumors there may be another presentation sometime this year…hopefully no tornados will hit or anything.

So here are a few pictures I took of the main event area and the Friendship Room – the private bar downstairs in one of the now Grain Belt apartment rec centers. I was going to take a picture of the outside but it was white out condition blizzard so I said ah forget it haha.

PS The last picture of the bar I actually took from Kaas Wilson Architects website because it shows the entire bar and area.









































































































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