Nov 10, 2018

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Indeed Brewing to open Brewery/Taproom In Milwaukee

Indeed Brewing to open Brewery/Taproom In Milwaukee

Hello and welcome back to the blog! I have been pretty slow on here since starting my instagram account but I will always have the website up for reference for my writings about things n such, which by the way isn’t always the best journalistic writings in the world but hey I state that in the about me section so it should be no big surprise really haha.

So anyways hello Milwaukee !! …said Indeed Brewing Company of Minneapolis. Yes its true a brewery from Minnesota has started another brewery in another state. I know what you are going to say, didn’t Barley Johns already do that kinda and ok well they did, but this is like on the other side of Wisconsin and not across the border so there’s that haha.

This is a pretty interesting move by Indeed because most people just sent their cans and or bottles to a different market and that’s that, but Indeed is putting the extra effort in and going full-bore into making an established location in a different city/state.

If you remember my journey to the city of beer last summer, I have since come to love Milwaukee, which is a great city with beer history and also a city with a new found direction to make great things to come in beer and civic reform. So it makes perfect sense for a Minnesota brewery to start a new story here with all the happenings surrounding that area.

Without rewriting all the points that have been already addressed, I’ll just repost the following which is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (a kinda goofy name for a newspaper if you ask me but here’s this) …

Indeed Brewing affiliate IBC Real Estate WI LLC purchased the two-story building at 530 S. 2nd St. for $542,500, according to state real estate records posted online Friday. The building will be renovated to reveal a skylight above the taproom. Patrons will walk past the brewhouse to enter the taproom, which will include a 37½-foot bar from the late 1800s that was rescued from an old Hamms’ bar in Minnesota. The size of the bar is significant.

There will be seating for just under 100 people and an open-air beer garden at the back of the long narrow building that also will include seating. As they do in Minneapolis, Indeed’s Milwaukee taproom will have shuffleboard tables. They’ll also continue Indeed We Can nights. In Minneapolis, the brewery dedicates Wednesday night net profits to nonprofit organizations selected by the employees.  Last year the brewery gave away $108,000 to those organizations, Whisenand said.

Indeed employs 65 people in Minneapolis and expects to have 20 people working at the Milwaukee location.

The Milwaukee brew pub will be help augment Indeed’s production and will concentrate on filling kegs, crowlers and growlers. The Milwaukee brewery’s size will allow Indeed to  experiment with new styles and flavors. Milwaukee production can scale to 18 kegs of beer at a time.














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