Jul 29, 2017

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You Have A Friend at Venn Brewing

You Have A Friend at Venn Brewing

Many people ask when will the Minnesota beer bubble burst, nobody seems to have an answer. More and more breweries have been opening but many have different themes which keep the bubble from actually expanding. I’m impressed with the new concept being created by Connie and Kyle Sisco and that is to open up a brewery at the 46th Street and Hiawatha transit station. Yes you read that correctly, and on top of that it’s actually close to my house too…which could be dangerous haha.

The Sisco’s plan to brew their beers for this location with no distribution right away..if not ever. They like the idea of what Dangerous Man and Wild Mind Artisan Ales has, that it’s strictly a neighborhood brewery. There will be seating for 120 people which will be surely full on opening day. Also this is Minnesota so they will also have a outdoor patio and by the sounds of it, it will be bigger than the taproom!

If the name sounds familiar Kyle was a brewer at Wicked Wort in Robinsdale, so he has the experience in making a variety of beers. Speaking of beers most of the offerings will be familiar styles not to scare away everyone at first. But I would count out the occasional experiential limited run beers.

What’s in the name Venn anyways? Well according their website Venn is Norwegian for Friend. And with friends you have neighbors and with neighbors you have a neighborhood and with that you have beer…ok I made the last part up.

When will Venn be open? That’s a good question., actually they are aiming for a late fall opening date but you can follow the updates at their facebook page below.

Venn Brewing

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