Aug 23, 2018

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Hamm’s to go Hawaiian?

Hamm’s to go Hawaiian?

Ok not really…but kinda. This isnt fake news, because what I’m actually talking about is one of the Hamm’s buildings could soon become a Hawaiian coffee makers new home…away from Hawaii….really.

Euram Inc. based in Kapolei, Hawaii, who are the producers of the Hawaiian Paradise Coffee brand, are eyeing up the vacant grain drier building at 680 Minnehaha Avenue to transform it into a production facility and distribution hub. And on top of that (literally) why not have an area where people can sample the product? There is also possibly future plans for a rooftop cafe overlooking Swede Hollow…yeah you betcha.

You may be asking yourself, why would a Hawaiian Coffee maker want to set up shop in the Hamm’s building in St Paul Minnesota of all places? Well it turns out that, Euram’s chief executive officer, Jean Claude Drui’s kids just so happen to grow up in White Bear Lake, and he himself has a little shack in the Summit Hill neighborhood. So the local connections align for those Minnesota types that always want a local connection to legitimize things haha.

The plans go before St Paul’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority this week and they will decide whether to approve the deal or not. Hopefully all goes well and plans will move forward to restore another part of the historic brewery. The Hamm’s bear is going to have to wax up his board and relearn how to hit the point break….

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