Aug 26, 2017

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Hamm’s Club Show September 9th – St Paul

Hamm’s Club Show September 9th – St Paul

The fall collector shows are about to begin, but lets at least wait til the fair is over first before we start talking about fall ok haha.

The most traditional of all traditionalist Hamm’s shows is coming up in two weeks! We head back to where it all started and that is Minnehaha Avenue in Saint Paul Minnesota. This show is always one that I look forward to mainly because it was one of the first Hamm’s shows I ever attended years ago and of course you have the nostalgic feeling while being there looking through all the classic stuff….and now that I’m typing this I just realized I might actually not be able to make it because I have another thing going on that day…$&!@#

Many people come from all around even former employees stop by to see what’s for sale and even sell some of there personal things they have held onto for all these years. The show will be rain or shine so come prepared since it is held in an open parking lot. As for parking, there will be plenty across the street on both sides. Also be sure to check out the Flat Earth Brewery, 11 Wells Distillery and Urban Organics which are all housed in portions of the old brewery.

The following is the lowdown on the show…

September 9th – 9 am – 3 pm

707 Minnehaha Avenue East – St Paul MN 55106

Admission $4

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