Feb 19, 2012

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Hamm’s Club Show Review

Hamm’s Club Show Review

All I can say is WOW. I have always heard about this event and have seen pictures and video of it,but you almost cant explain it unless you actually go to it. What Im talking about is the annual Hamm’s Club show put on by none other than the Hamm’s club of Minnesota,USA,Earth.

This annual winter/springish event is held at the Medina Entertainment Center and its the perfect size for this show. I dont even know where to start. Well first I met the Hamm’s bear and then I developed whiplash from looking at all the tables full of everything you could ever imagine of Hamm’s. If you think about it,the marketing department of Hamm’s deserves an award for starting something that is an ongoing trend in the beer world of having the company name/logo on almost anything and everything you can imagine. But I do believe Hamm’s did paint a very good picture of beer and the outdoors combination very well.

Im not exactly sure how many vendors were out there yesterday but the floor was pretty packed with goodies all over. I did see many people leaving with stuff and I did hear some guys saying they didnt sell that much,which I felt bad but I could only buy a few things since my budget for the show was only 800 million dollars…just kidding.

I picked up a couple Hamm’s promo cardboard flats,an inflatable Blatz can,a couple bottle openers and I think thats about it…wait I did get a dvd with over an hour of Hamm’s commercials. Now that I think back Im wondering why I didnt buy other things that I saw like the lifesize Jesse the body Ventura Pig’s eye display…what was I thinking? I did pose for a picture with it though.





















Also one of these days I really need to get one of the Hamm’s tappers. These are so cool. Of course I cant use it for beer again..unless we do some homebrew with it,which Im currently getting involved in and will post about that soon. Or I could make a nice fuel tank out of it for a racecar…if I had one that is.

































Some other cool things I saw were some rare Hamm’s beer itself. Someone had a prohibition era bottle of Lime Rickey that Hamm’s was producing during that dark time haha. He wanted 400 bux for it but I declined nonetheless it was an amazing find he had on his hands… literally…





















Also I spotted a tall boy of Hamm’s big bear malt liquor and I think I grabbed it out of someones hand pretty much and took a picture of it. Because the can was cold and full still I was confused and the two guys were looking at me like “hey you just took my beer” haha oops sorry but I put it back where I found it though.






















Other things I saw and never knew existed were some prohibition era beer prescriptions blanks cuz you never know when a cold beer is needed to calm that nasty cold you have har har. Also a few old calendars that were still intact and a few Hamm’s newsletters and brewing information packs.
































All in all it was great show and I highly recommend joining the Hamm’s club…something I should take my own advice on and do too. In all the excitement yesterday I forgot to join…again. I think Ill just email it in so I wont be distracted by all the soft glow of the Hamm’s beer signs. Be sure to check out my photo albums on the top of the page to see other pictures from the show.


  1. It was far bigger than I expected. I love love old vintage stuff of almost any genre. I picked up a few grain belt things. I tend to prefer their marketing over hamms myself. I kinda hoped for more lady marketing things I could buy for the garage, but there wasn’t too much.

  2. The Hamm’s Show is solid entertainment. Promotor Scott Lovelace really knows how to put on a great show. So many things going on with Hamm’s, full size billboards, videos, more Hamm’s then of course the Hamm’s Bear.


  3. I’m looking for an inflatable Hamm’s bottle

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