Jun 29, 2019

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Hamm’s Billboards Are Back !

Hamm’s Billboards Are Back !

It looks like the Hamm’s billboard ad campaign is back for the summer!

Last year one was spotted over by the intersection of Central and Hennepin, but by the time I figured out where it actually was (because people apparently dont know locations when they talk about stuff) it was already gone.

I spotted this one in downtown Minneapolis on the corner of Hennepin and North 3rd Street. I was then informed that there is actually another one in the North Loop area! And apparently even more have popped up randomly this year in the downtown MPLS area.

Which brings me to this question, why are they all located in downtown Mpls? Ok yes the young hip drinkers are mostly located there but why not have one on the Eastside of St Paul or, hell even downtown St Paul?

Because we all know Hamm’s is from St Paul and not Mpls..blah blah.

But I guess beggars cant be choosers so Ill take a Hamm’s billboard wherever they set it up…haha

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