Dec 31, 2017

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Grain Belt’s Sign Is Back !

Grain Belt’s Sign Is Back !

Last night was the re re reliting ceremony of the iconic bottle cap sign and as Ted Marti said “third time’s a charm haha. It was ridiculously cold out like -10 and when I was taking the video that only lasted a minute my hand got colder and colder like an evil grasp was taking it and I couldn’t feel my hand for a few minutes after. Of course I wasn’t wearing a glove cuz I didn’t want to screw up the video, but frost bite is the cost of good footage haha.

I posted the video on a couple of the pages I work on, Old Minneapolis and the Land of Sky Beer Waters facebook page, and also wrote a quick history of the sign, check it out…..

Built in 1941 for $5,000, the Grain Belt Beer bottle cap sign is approximately 50 feet wide and 40 feet tall. The “M” inside a circle above “Grain Belt Beer” is the logo for the original brewing company, Minneapolis Brewing, before becoming the Grain Belt Brewery.

Nicollet Island was not the only Grain Belt bottle cap billboard that could be seen around Minneapolis. One was located on the rooftop of a hotel which was at 101 Washington Avenue North and another at the intersection of Nicollet Avenue and 7th Street South.

This Grain Belt sign was first located on top of the Marigold Ballroom (built in 1909, demolished in 1975) at 1330 Nicollet Avenue from 1941-1950.

In 1950, the Grain Belt Beer bottle cap sign was moved to its current home on Nicollet Island. The sign was actually relit in 1989 until 1991 but due to G.Heileman Brewing (the owners of Grain Belt at the time) declaring bankruptcy it once again went dark.

But wait it was brought back one more time in 1992 by Minnesota Brewing Company which was now brewing Grain Belt beer at the old Schmidt Brewery in St Paul. And as history goes, it went dark once again in 1996 due to its degradation over the years.

Until today…

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