Feb 17, 2017

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Fulton Expands It’s Horizons

Fulton Expands It’s Horizons

Actually they are increasing their capacity and expanding their distribution to 5 more states. They have teamed up with Artisanal Imports out of Austin Texas, everything is bigger in Texas including where Fulton will be available. The following is from Fulton’s website…

Fulton Beer and Artisanal Imports are pleased to announce a new sales partnership. Over the remainder of 2017, we will be working together to expand distribution of Fulton beers to Illinois,Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and New York, with additional markets in planning for 2018 and beyond. The partnership comes as Fulton installs a new canning line and fermentation tanks, increasing its annual capacity to 45,000 barrels.

As Fulton expands beyond the Upper Midwest, it faces a beer market that is hyper-local and more competitive than ever. Enter Artisanal Imports. Artisanal has been selling some of the finest beers in the world throughout the United States since before craft beer was cool, without the advantage of being the local supplier. Artisanal’s management and sales team are passionate about extraordinary beer and deeply respected within the industry. They measure many of their customer relationships in decades. Under the new partnership, Artisanal will provide direct account representation, market management, and distributor engagement. Fulton will supply additional sales, strategy, and marketing support.

The professional partnership is built on longstanding personal relationships. Artisanal cofounder Lanny Hoff was one of the first individuals the Fulton founders met in the industry.

In 1993, Lanny hired Corey Shovein into the industry at All Saints Brands, an early pioneer of highend
beer sales. By 2009, Corey was managing On-Premise Craft sales at Fulton’s first wholesaler, Hohenstein’s Distributing. Seven years later, Corey joined Fulton as National Sales Director, and
today, Lanny and Corey have reunited as Artisanal and Fulton join together in growing a broader national presence.


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