May 22, 2013

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Faribault’s Fleck’s Beer To Be Resurrected

Faribault’s Fleck’s Beer To Be Resurrected

Faribault Minnesota will soon be back on the beer map thanks to the Patriot’s Brewing Company who are currently finishing up on the new brewery located on Fourth Street in the former Peterson Art Furniture Company building and hope to be up and running by this fall.

This is great news for Minnesota’s beer lovers and Faribault’s beer fans also because Patriot’s will be bringing back a hometown favorite which is Fleck’s Beer. The beer has not been brewed since 1964 when the Fleckenstein Brewery closed it doors. Chris Voegele and Noah Strouth of Patriot Brewing obtained the trademark rights to Fleck’s Beer in 2012 on a “state level” and they are currently in the process of getting a federal trademark.

They currently have 5 beers planned. Also Chris and Noah are aiming to please because they have interviewed the locals on what their best memories of Fleck’s was and they aim to mimic that as much as possible since the original recipes have long since vanished.












But with great happiness there is also some disapproval too, mainly that from the Al Fleckenstein, whose father was the last president of Fleck’s, he issued a statement stating that “the Fleckenstein family is in no way connected to a new brewing enterprise in Faribault and that the Fleck’s Beer trademark and name have been taken from history without permission or approval of the Fleckenstein family”.

It also looks like there was a race to the trademark finish line too because Patriot’s Brewing Company trademarked “Fleck’s Beer” with the State of Minnesota in February 2012, 10 months before Fleckenstein made his attempt to trademark his Fleck’s according to the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Meanwhile the Boston Beer Company aka Samuel Adams has sent the boys at Patriot’s a request to preform a name change due to the similarities of the “Patriot” moniker. Sam Adams is the Brewer Patriot and owns that trademark. Names in the works are 3 Rock Brewing,Strait River Brewing and F Town Brewing.

Before this all starts to sound very confusing and because Im tired of typing the word trademark, Im just gonna end this article by saying someone in Faribault will make beer sometime soon, I dont know by what name, but as long as it taste good I’ll be happy.


  1. Ryan Zelenka says:

    They can call it what they want but it won’t ever have the same meaning to the people that know and love the Fleck’s brand and history. I love the Fleck’s history, however, I have no interest in this new venture, the sequel is never as good as the original.


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