Jul 10, 2018

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Early Summer News Roundup

Early Summer News Roundup

I’m sure you have noticed but It’s been a while since my last post so I figured Id throw down a barrage of news for you all in one post.

To start off Biergarten Germania in Lowertown St Paul has closed! Yes it’s true. They opened just a few months ago and now all of sudden they are closed for good. I was just there last month for the Germany vs Sweden World Cup match and the place was pretty busy. It felt like they had something going finally. One of their main problems IMHO was that most people couldn’t find the place because they were not allowed to put a sign out front due to the building being a designated historic building. They would have to be open for 6 years..? in order to have the sign installed…silly St Paul rules. Things I heard for the closing were equiptment problems and not being able to pay bills?

Next up Waldmann Brewery has officially opened up their outdoor Biergarten! The construction was fast and furious and now its open to the public. I have not been down there to see it in person yet but I did see the space they were putting it in and its pretty large. Expect it to be a new hot spot for the summer.

Summit Brewery is finally having a Grand Opening for it’s taproom remodel. The construction on this one was ..ahh how do I say it taking a very long time? They put in the door months ago but never had it actually open until last week. Other improvements are new art surrounding the inside walls inside, new lighting and most importantly, new furniture!…Finally! I just want to state, German Bavarian benches are really only used for fests or events in Germany and are not really meant for everyday usage because they are very uncomfortable. Also the taproom will now be open on Sundays! It is a day they were missing out on of potential money that couldve been made and they will finally be able to now. As a former employee I can say that I suggested it a while back and N..O..W they finally decide to do it haha.

Lift Bridge Brewing is celebrating the big One – O…that’s 10 in normal terms. Yes its true we are all ten years older now because we remember when Lift Bridge came to be. The official celebration will be August 18th at Noon. Entrance fee is only $7 pre sale and $10 at the door. Rumors are swirling that an old favorite beer will make it’s return for this event so you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Lets see umm oh Cigar City beers are now available in Minnesota for the first time. I had a couple and they were decent but I’m starting to be IPAed out again so I would say they are up to par with other local breweries offerings?

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but I’ll most likely do another one of these posts in a month or two and dish out the gossip then. But until then I’m thinking of taking my styrofoam Hamm’s bear on a tour of St Paul and doing some photo ops with him, it could be cool or just look funny with me walking down the street with him, we shall find out.

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