Aug 5, 2017

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Cold Spring Sells to Sunny D

Cold Spring Sells to Sunny D

Purple Stuff, Sunny D, Cold Spring…what?

Cold Spring Brewery aka Third Street Brewhouse has officially handed over the keys to Connecticut based private equity firm/beverage company Brynwood Partners in a surprising acquisition..aka surprisingly that the new owners are not the usual suspects as in Bud Miller Coors and etc.

As we all know Cold Spring Brewing was founded in 1874 and has been a popular Minnesota beer producer ever since…well except during prohibition…well maybe haha. Most people don’t know they actually produce other drinks including sparkling water, teas and Monster Energy of all things. Cold Spring have brewed their own beers along with many contract beers from Minnesota and other states including San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery.

Most recently there has been some worker complaints and some have even walked out in protest, siting 72 hour work weeks and 11 day stretches of 12 hour days. Maybe with this acquisition they can do the schedule a little better and raise the pay up??

So in the end the big question will be, can Third Street still be considered a “craft” brewery? And the answer is yes, they will still remain in the categories of under 6 million barrels of beer per year. I recently bought a sample pack from them, and most of them were decent, not super OMG this is amazing stuff but it was better than most beer some newer craft breweries try pulling off.









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