Feb 22, 2016

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Checkmate On Hamm’s Turf

Checkmate On Hamm’s Turf

After all these years the Grain Belt Brewing company has their advertising revenge on Hamm’s beer. In 1967 Hamm’s who were a powerhouse of advetising with the bear and everything else, posted a billboard in Northeast Minneapolis rather close to Grain Belts headquarters and brewery suggesting you enjoy a Hamm’s beer for Grain Belt’s birthday. Looks like someone else is laughing now.

Now in 2016 many years after Hamm’s has been sold and moved out of state…(still a very bad idea if I might say) Grain Belt has planted an ad a few thousand feet from the former brewery location. Of course now Flat Earth and 11 Wells are in the complex but the irony is still there. This billboard is on the Payne Avenue bridge heading towards the former brewery location.

P.S. Is it just me or does the guy on the right totally remind me of Norm from Cheers haha.











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