Dec 30, 2018

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2018 Year End Wrap

2018 Year End Wrap

Well another year of beer is done and I havent been making as many posts to the website as I have been spending a lot of time on instagram promoting this website…and now that I mention it, what is really ….this whole “thing”?

Years ago when I started doing beer research I never thought about actually putting any of it on the internet, which is funny because back then I thought blogging was a waste of time and I terms it sort of is…..mainly so if you dont have the audience then why bother writing anything?

So in 2010 I actually had a website of sorts or live journal or blogspot something or tell you the truth I dont even remember where I had it, it was a free page and it didn’t really let you post too many pictures but you could yap all you wanted to like I’m doing right now.

Then in 2011, I bite the bullet and started this actual website “Land of Sky Beer Waters” the old page was called that too but I didnt actually own the domain until 2011.

Back then Minnesota beer was just a little thing and not the kind of a big deal it is now. There was Schell’s, Summit and maybe Great Waters if you consider that either a brewery or brewpub but they are closed now so whatever is fine I guess haha. There were a few others that came and went like Hops restaurant….haha. I kinda hate when people name something after the obvious. Hey come on down to Cars and buy one of our…cars..yes its true! So what was my point … I’m not sure but maybe it was I had not too much to talk about because I didn’t really know if anyone else was out there.

So you might have noticed but this post has really not been much about the 2018 review has it? Ok I will say a few breweries opened and closed this year, more so opened than closed but I’m gonna tell you that I would bet your bottom dollar that a couple more breweries will open in 2019.

Oh hey Yoerg finally opened up but not in the original spot sadly, because the city of St Paul was being the typical city of St Paul and jerking people around to get permits for this that and the other thing. It would’ve been nice to be right across the street from Wabasha Brewing but that didn’t happen so no use crying over it I guess.

Another opening was Stacked Deck Brewing in downtown St Paul recently too. Also I went to Milwaukee and visited all the old school beer related sites, something I had to do to make this entire website legit if I’m going to talk about old school stuff you know. Hey there’s some 2018 news!

I think what I was originally getting at was this Land of Sky Beer Waters thing has migrated from an idea to a bloggy thing to a website to facebook to instagram so it actually exists in different formats or different plains of existence which ever you look at it.

I have been putting more attention to instagram lately because that’s where the kids are at these days and they cant be bothered with reading….but I dont blame you if you dont want to read all this either haha.

So I will end this madness by saying thank you all for following me along this 9…10? year journey. I will be heading out to the collector shows as usual to see the goods and all you folk too, and speaking of which, whatever happened to that Hamm’s promo video from last year? I was interviewed but never heard if they finished it…maybe I got cut out because I was drinking and rambling on cuz that never happens.

See you all next year !

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